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IIT Gandhinagar Alumni Association was established in 2012, to help connect the growing alumni network of IIT Gandhinagar and provide them an opportunity to connect and grow, and in the process also give back to their alma mater, IIT Gandhinagar. The Alumni association was established with the motive to give a platform for the Alumni to cash-in on each other’s knowledge and help create a network of well-informed and well-connected alumni who are willing to help each other and the Institute. It helps keep alumni updated about various activities that are happening in the campus, thus helping them to stay connected with IIT Gandhinagar. The alumni association provides a lot other benefits for its members like free library access, platform for Alumni-faculty-student interactions and much more.


Online Alumni account

Each member will be issued with login details that will allow them to update their personal and professional details, and give them access to features such as, database search, alumni notice board

Membership Pack

Lifelong membership is available for graduating students. Upon signing members will receive their lifelong membership card, a batch gift and an exclusive alumni (iitgn) email address.

Alumni Visitor Center

Access to our dedicated Alumni visitor centre to engage with their colleagues and friends, and get acquainted with latest IITGN developments

Library Membership

Members will have free unlimited access to IITGN library for consulting within the premises. Borrowing facility is made available to members.
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Access to all IITGN facilitated networking event aimed at establishing links beyond the usual realm of our alum’s life. Access to events/workshops organised by IITGN.


Free subscription to Alumni newsletter, IITGN newsletter and other periodic articles published by IITGN

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